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March 9th, 2012 | Posted by in Press Release

Drilling company owners compare their years of experience with the TH60 and T3W.

People can be creatures of habit, so it’s good to occasionally look at all options from a new perspective when making big purchase decisions…and a drill rig is a big purchase.

In the spring of 2011, Tier 4 engine regulations will go into effect requiring changes to deck engines that will greatly affect the price of a drill rig. Many drillers need or want the benefits that come from a rig with a deck engine, but many drillers who were diehard deck-engine users have found success with the truck engine and power takeoff options.

In the 40,000-pound rig class, the choice for many drillers is the Atlas Copco T3W or TH60 model drill rigs. The major difference between the two is that the drilling operation of the T3W is powered by a deck engine while the TH60 is powered with the truck engine, which offers a few other variables.

The TH60 has a longer chassis than the T3W, making for a smoother road-ride, while the T3W offers a tighter turning radius for off-road performance. The open deck (because there is no engine) makes the TH60 more appealing for maintenance or adding extra options, such as a mud pump.

Deep Hole Driller discussed the personal preferences with two drilling companies to evaluate the benefits of each. Both companies currently run T3Ws and have extensive experience with them. While one has recently purchased a TH60, the other no longer has a TH60 in his fleet.

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