Atlas Copco’s TH60 evolves to suit drillers’ needs

March 9th, 2012 | Posted by in TH60

The TH60 offers a versatile platform that can be rigged up to meet nearly any drilling method or geological condition.

When selecting the options of a rig, it’s best to outfit the rig to meet your drilling environment. Atlas Copco’s TH60 drill rig is a versatile platform that can be rigged up to meet nearly any drilling method or geological condition. Shown here is one example of what Atlas Copco can do to suit a drilling company’s needs.

The heart of the TH60 is the single-engine power source with reliable transfer case for long life and low maintenance. The TH60 is mounted on a Peterbilt 367 truck and has a powerful 600 horsepower Cummins ISM engine.

When the transmission is disengaged, the power take-off drives the drilling functions. This proven and durable feature gives the TH60 all the power needed with the maintenance in one engine. This also reduces the rig’s weight and frees up deck space for other options to be added.

With standard features, the rig comes in two model classes, either 40,000-lbs or 70,000-lb pullback rigs, depending on the customer’s depth and pullback requirements. Each model has a choice of winch capacity and air compressor sizes. Recently Atlas Copco built the machine pictured to meet a customer’s specific requirements.

The customer needed to be able to drill deep test holes and gather a lot of information while drilling and was also able to wire-line core. Atlas Copco set up the rig with a wire-line coring system, dual mud pumps, custom piping for booster, auxiliary air connections and many other custom features.

The rig has an 8,000 ft-lb, two-speed rotary head capable of multiple applications. Combined with its Atlas Copco CS14 wireline winch and level wind system, this rig can be a coring rig as well as a mud rotary and down-the-hole hammer air drill rig.

To flush cuttings and control dust when air drilling or core drilling the drill is equipped with a 35 gpm Bean high pressure water injection pump. The rig includes an optional 1,500 psi piping package for high pressure air for deep hole work requiring a booster.

A customized auxiliary air manifold and booster manifold allows for both additional air and a booster to be hooked up and supplement the 1070 cubic feet per minute of free air delivery at 350 psi on the rig.

With a 30,000 lb draw-works, which can be two parted, the rig allows the customer to pull out of extremely deep holes with their winch. A swing in jib winch was also added to make this rig even more versatile. The rig was ordered with two different mud pumps; a Mission 3×4 centrifugal pump and also a Centerline high pressure duplex pump that puts out 300 gallon per minute at 450 psi.

Two unique options are an auxiliary hydraulic package and the rig’s lighting. This auxiliary hydraulic package allows the customer to power hydraulic casing jacks or a hydraulic pick up pump.

The lighting was upgraded to a Nordic light package that comes with high intensity discharge (HID) lights. These lights have great luminous intensity and a color that mimics natural daylight.

One of the newest options is not for everyone, but in certain situations is very useful. A data acquisition system displays functions of the drill and conditions in the borehole as they happen.

Functions such as pulldown and pullback, hole depth, ROP (rate of penetration), rotary torque, mud pump pressure and mud conductivity, rotary rpm, temperature air pressure, pump strokes, and pit volume can all be captured for future use. This technology was developed for the oil and gas industry, but is also useful in scientific or environmental work.

The system collects data in a CPU mounted securely on the deck and displays on the screen at the drillers platform. The plotted drill log is also captured on a laptop to be emailed or transferred through digital media.

The TH60 has evolved over the years to integrate many new features like the auto cable tensioner system and Electronic Air Regulation System (EARS) meant to increase productivity and efficiency. The options available make this rig a top performer for many fleets regardless of the geology or application.

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