Atlas Copco’s latest: T2W-III series

April 11th, 2012 | Posted by in gray-four | T2W

Atlas Copco has introduced the new Series III of its T2W waterwell drill rig, the T2W-III. The single-engine rig for rotary and down-the-hole (DTH) drilling in the 30,000 pound class was designed for both air and mud applications, and comes with various on-board air compressor options.

The Series III provides a 12 rod capacity in the carousel at 3.5 inches, with swing in/swing out back load capability—designed to allow single-person operation under appropriate conditions. A rod box, mounted to the rig, carries an additional 12 rods at 3.5 inches. Total depth capacity is 480 feet.

Other features and benefits:

• An optional 15,000 pound winch with two-part line.

• An optional hydraulic front drive assist that delivers a functional 6×6 drive.

• Two three-speed options are available for the head. A gear-driven head constructed with oversized gears, shafts and bearings is offered for large torque applications, and a smaller, less complex hydraulic vane-driven head is offered for lower torque operation.

• A single-cylinder cable feed system that is internal to the tubular derrick, protecting moving components from exposure to the typical drilling environment and rod handling operations. Major components of the feed system are engineered to be larger and more mechanically efficient, so as to reduce fatigue and maintenance.

• An optional 500 horsepower engine is available, and selection between drill and drive mode is made through a split-shaft PTO drive system.

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