Atlas Copco announces standard assortment on Oil and Gas bit line

November 29th, 2012 | Posted by in Oil and gas | Press Release

Atlas Copco is pleased to announce a standard assortment on our oil and gas bit line. All bits are available with the “R4” one piece retrieval system or standard head with fishing threads.  There are three face designs to choose from: Standard Face, XHG Face, and XAG Face.

The Standard Face uses all ¾” (19 mm) inserts with two blow holes. An XHG Face is designed for more robust rock conditions and uses 7/8” (22 mm) inserts on the gage and second row with ¾” (22 mm) in the face. These bits are a three-wing, blow-hole design.










For the toughest rock conditions and the newest design to Atlas Copco’s offering is the XAG “Assisted Gage” face design. This design uses 7/8” (22 mm) inserts on the gage and gage assist row with ¾” (19 mm) on the second row and face. This is also a three-wing, blow-hole designed bit.

All three bits are available in Q8, T9 and Q12 shanks. The most common insert configurations on oil and gas bits are diamond gage row inserts or full-face diamond inserts, but other insert configurations are available. These configurations also come with or without gage protection inserts.

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