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Geothermal drilling in Australia puts RD20 deep hole drilling rigs to use outside the oil and gas market The drill rig making a name for itself on Queensland’s gas-rich Bowen and Surat basins in eastern Australia is now being deployed on a different, deeper errand in the west. If all goes well, JSW Australia’s Tim Westcott thinks the company’s new Atlas Copco RD20 XC high-powered compact, hydraulic top-drive rig will have plenty of … Read more
Atlas Copco's RD10+ is ideal for reverse circulation drilling in South America. Chile is a country rich in mineral resources with the mining sector serving as one of the primary forces driving the economy. Known as the copper capital of the world and producing more than one-third of the world’s copper supply, Chile also has an abundance of gold, silver, and iron. A number of multi-national companies … Read more
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