Atlas Copco's RD20 for oil and gas training “Today’s oil and gas drillers care less about cost and more about value,” said Kevin Mallin, an internationally respected consultant in deep hole drilling, during a seminar for Atlas Copco sales and service reps. Mallin selected the words carefully, clearly articulating the bottom line of deep hole drilling businesses: “They want to drill smarter.” The … Read more
Atlas Copco distributor adds location: a model for others to follow Venture Drilling Supply is one of Atlas Copco’s largest independent dealers covering six states from three locations in Oklahoma and Texas. It sells everything from geotechnical equipment to waterwell drills. In addition to supporting the drill and blasthole quarry markets, where sister company Venture Drilling Inc. first got its start in 1977, it has growing … Read more
Stockdale Mine Supply and Keystone Drill Services are names synonymous with drilling in the Eastern United States. With the recent boom in the Marcellus region, the companies are close to new customers while continuing to serve their base of traditional oil and gas, water well, geothermal, coal mining, quarry and construction customers. Barney Stockdale and … Read more
Many drillers loyal to the Atlas Copco brand are walking in their father’s footsteps, even their grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s. Their stories are rich with the history of the industry. Then there are those who catch you by surprise because their stories are so varied, rich as history itself. They come into drilling almost as if … Read more
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