Drill Speed cover                 Josh Marcus, senior product specialist of Atlas Copco Secoroc down-hole tools, said pneumatic hammer drilling gives drillers an advantage in all but the most extremely soft ground conditions. And when weighted drilling fluid is not required to control the formations, hammer drilling should be the favored technique. … Read more
The T2W rig’s characteristic versatility and robust design have not changed in three generations of the model, but more features have been included in the new Series III upgrade than any machine in its class. Around the world, water well rig owners and operators appreciate the Atlas Copco T2W truck-mounted drilling rig for its application versatility, high productivity and ability to get in and out of even the most rugged conditions. The T2W rig’s three-speed rotary head has 3,500 foot-pounds at 275 rpm and 12,000 foot-pounds of torque at 80 … Read more
Geothermal drilling in Australia puts RD20 deep hole drilling rigs to use outside the oil and gas market The drill rig making a name for itself on Queensland’s gas-rich Bowen and Surat basins in eastern Australia is now being deployed on a different, deeper errand in the west. If all goes well, JSW Australia’s Tim Westcott thinks the company’s new Atlas Copco RD20 XC high-powered compact, hydraulic top-drive rig will have plenty of … Read more
OTC - Atlas Copco Atlas Copco focused on its overall offerings to the oil and gas industry during the Offshore Technology Conference May 6 to May 9 in Houston. Attendance at the conference reached a 30-year high of 104,800. The exhibition was the largest in show history at 652,185 square feet of show space featuring 2,728 companies from 40 … Read more
QLX offers driller ultimate flexibility and longevity for deep water well drilling Bob Wade Drilling based in Bentonville, Ark., is a three-man operation consisting of Bob Wade Sr., his son “Bob Jr.,” and 21-year veteran driller Ed MaGelky. Bob Wade said they have just had their best fall and winter since the recession began where Bob Wade said most residential wells are completed by 600 feet (180 … Read more
Businessman, former driller, achieves goal of bringing water to the people of Ethiopia When Solomon Gebre Yohannes was 18 years old in the mid-1980s, he traveled to Ethiopia’s northern region to work on a water well rig. As Solomon remembers it, the region was crippled from drought and war. People in a shelter had as little as a cup of water per person per day. Born from that … Read more
Atlas Copco's RD10+ is ideal for reverse circulation drilling in South America. Chile is a country rich in mineral resources with the mining sector serving as one of the primary forces driving the economy. Known as the copper capital of the world and producing more than one-third of the world’s copper supply, Chile also has an abundance of gold, silver, and iron. A number of multi-national companies … Read more
Oromia cover image Oromia Water Works Construction Enterprise (OWWCE) is Ethiopia’s administrative government agency responsible for water projects in the Oromia Region. The region’s topographical picture shows mountains, arid deserts, agricultural plains and eroded ravines. OWWCE uses its Atlas Copco T3W water well rigs to get to the most difficult locations, often where there are no roads, to … Read more
Large agricultural communities need ground water to grow. One drilling company is doing that with the T3WDH. KLR Ethio Water Well Drilling PLC opened for business in 2005 with the intention of becoming a new player in the water well drilling business in Ethiopia. As KLR’s General Manager Fekadu Debalkie Alemayehu put it, “There’s a lot of opportunity here.” Fekadu said, “We are a country of 80 million people. Of those, 85 … Read more
Kale, cover image Founded in 1927 the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC) has affected many lives through its community programs. Its Integrated Water and Sanitation Program brings water to local communities and educates them with proper sanitation processes. This program is funded through the church by donors such as Tearfund UK, Tear NL, Evangelische Entwicklungsdinet (EED), Tearfund Australia … Read more
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