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Transcend During a discussion of the great value that top hole specialists like Transcend Drilling of Odessa, Texas, bring to today’s major operators, Transcend’s Vice President Mark Franklin said, “Spudder services used to be the first to get cut when prices dropped, companies hoping to save money by doing it themselves. But we find that larger … Read more
Safe business Dow Bowman, general manager of CTI Energy Services’ new Surface Drilling Division, said the division was established at their customers’ invitation to pre-set their casing and well heads. “From the very start,” he said, “our goal has been first and foremost to be a safe business founded on good people and good equipment.” That’s why … Read more
Having what it takes Oil drilling activity in the Williston Basin has picked up where the activity of the 1970s and ‘80s left off. This has been made possible by advances in horizontal drilling, the evolution of enhanced oil recovery techniques and advances in equipment. As major operators race to make up for the 30-year lull, one of the … Read more
Geothermal drilling in Australia puts RD20 deep hole drilling rigs to use outside the oil and gas market The drill rig making a name for itself on Queensland’s gas-rich Bowen and Surat basins in eastern Australia is now being deployed on a different, deeper errand in the west. If all goes well, JSW Australia’s Tim Westcott thinks the company’s new Atlas Copco RD20 XC high-powered compact, hydraulic top-drive rig will have plenty of … Read more
OTC - Atlas Copco Atlas Copco focused on its overall offerings to the oil and gas industry during the Offshore Technology Conference May 6 to May 9 in Houston. Attendance at the conference reached a 30-year high of 104,800. The exhibition was the largest in show history at 652,185 square feet of show space featuring 2,728 companies from 40 … Read more
RD20 III XC proves how it fills the gap in Carizzo sand   The Atlas Copco RD20 III XC is a big rig. With a 755 hp engine, 120,000 pounds of pullback and equipped with bails and a hydraulically activated elevator for oil field pipe, it’s a self-contained mobile deep hole drilling rig designed for hard duty in the oil patch.   Yet the RD20 XC is … Read more
Atlas Copco is pleased to announce a standard assortment on our oil and gas bit line. All bits are available with the “R4” one piece retrieval system or standard head with fishing threads.  There are three face designs to choose from: Standard Face, XHG Face, and XAG Face. The Standard Face uses all ¾” (19 mm) … Read more
An oil and gas company’s challenges are rarely so unique that they have not been experienced by another. Businesses who partner with a global manufacturer like Atlas Copco often discover they have not only found a supportive partner in that manufacturer but have also joined a global resource network.   Poland’s Oil and Gas Exploration Company Krakow, or Nafta Krakow for short has been exploring the country’s vast shale gas resources for about five years now. Recoverable reserves there were estimated by Poland’s Geological Institute in a March 2012 report to be as high as 1.9 trillion cubic meters, which is about the same … Read more
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