First-of-its-kind directional air drilling system cuts unconventional oil drilling time, costs in half The quest for cost-effective directional drilling tools for unconventional oil has finally produced a reliable system for the job. It didn’t require new technology, just modifications on existing, proven tools and the persistence of directional drilling experts dedicated to turning the corner with percussion. Air drilling expert Tom Weller described the benefits of the new … Read more
Drill Speed cover                 Josh Marcus, senior product specialist of Atlas Copco Secoroc down-hole tools, said pneumatic hammer drilling gives drillers an advantage in all but the most extremely soft ground conditions. And when weighted drilling fluid is not required to control the formations, hammer drilling should be the favored technique. … Read more
Municipal wells in rock call for Dilden Bros. T2W and QL 120 hammer When contractors of large commercial and municipal projects need a helping hand to drill quickly through rock, Dilden Bros. Well Drilling often gets the call. The company’s Atlas Copco Secoroc QL 120 down-the-hole hammer gives Dilden Bros. access to a niche market in the multi-state geography within reach of their Layfayette, Ind., headquarters. Brothers Wayne … Read more
QLX offers driller ultimate flexibility and longevity for deep water well drilling Bob Wade Drilling based in Bentonville, Ark., is a three-man operation consisting of Bob Wade Sr., his son “Bob Jr.,” and 21-year veteran driller Ed MaGelky. Bob Wade said they have just had their best fall and winter since the recession began where Bob Wade said most residential wells are completed by 600 feet (180 … Read more
TotalGroup (2)_web Key players in the joint research project are (from left): Elton Wright, Sandia National Laboratories (SNL); David Raymond, SNL; Bernie Bladies, Atlas Copco Customer Center; Ron Boyd, Atlas Copco Secoroc; Jeff Greving, SNL; Jiann Su, SNL; Steve Knudsen, SNL; Dale Wolfer, Atlas Copco Secoroc; Paul Campbell, Atlas Copco Secoroc, and Doug Blankenship, SNL. The U.S. … Read more
Oil and gas drilling company reviews the new QLX hammer Atlas Copco has introduced a new down-the-hole hammer that will totally change production expectations. The QLX series down-the-hole hammer takes the best attributes of the two most popular hammers used for deeper down-the-hole applications, the Atlas Copco Secoroc TD60 and QL60, and puts them together in a new design. With this introduction, customers will experience … Read more
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