The T2W rig’s characteristic versatility and robust design have not changed in three generations of the model, but more features have been included in the new Series III upgrade than any machine in its class. Around the world, water well rig owners and operators appreciate the Atlas Copco T2W truck-mounted drilling rig for its application versatility, high productivity and ability to get in and out of even the most rugged conditions. The T2W rig’s three-speed rotary head has 3,500 foot-pounds at 275 rpm and 12,000 foot-pounds of torque at 80 … Read more
Municipal wells in rock call for Dilden Bros. T2W and QL 120 hammer When contractors of large commercial and municipal projects need a helping hand to drill quickly through rock, Dilden Bros. Well Drilling often gets the call. The company’s Atlas Copco Secoroc QL 120 down-the-hole hammer gives Dilden Bros. access to a niche market in the multi-state geography within reach of their Layfayette, Ind., headquarters. Brothers Wayne … Read more
Dilden Brothers Drilling Company sticks with Atlas Copco T2W   The dense gray dust clouds that rose up from the super single tires drifted little before settling back down on what should have been an Indiana cornfield. The farmer who owned the section reported a 3 bushel per acre yield this year, far from enough to justify the cost of planting it. However, an … Read more
Where the water table in the Bahamas is nearly at the surface, the way to evacuate rain water is a simple solution Although the Bahamas are blessed with beautiful water, white and pink sand beaches and an abundance of sunshine, as a tropical island nation the islands do have spots of excessive rain. Land is little more than a meter or two above sea level in the Bahamas. Yet when it rains, water must be absorbed into … Read more
T2W-III Atlas Copco has introduced the new Series III of its T2W waterwell drill rig, the T2W-III. The single-engine rig for rotary and down-the-hole (DTH) drilling in the 30,000 pound class was designed for both air and mud applications, and comes with various on-board air compressor options. The Series III provides a 12 rod capacity in … Read more
Atlas Copco rigs drill quality water in Haiti  Atlas Copco rigs drill quality water in Haiti  Atlas Copco rigs drill quality water in Haiti In 1971 Willis Miller set out to make a contribution in this life that would truly matter. He moved to Haiti where, in spite of living on an island it shares with the Dominican Republic, much of the population lived without access to clean drinking water. For the next 10 years he drilled water wells … Read more
Atlas Copco exhaust gas re-circulation exceeds EPA 2010 regulations During a normal working day, operators of Atlas Copco water well rigs might not have time to reflect on the fact they are driving the world’s cleanest trucks. It is no exaggeration: in some ofAmerica’s larger municipalities, Atlas Copco engines are actually cleaning the city air as they drive through town. These engineering marvels have … Read more
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