Coal Bed Methane

Ukraine's ready to step up CBM production with plenty of reserves, but there's a need for drillers Ukraine is a large country, 233,000 sq. mi. (603,000 square kilometers, or slightly smaller than Texas) that has some of the largest potential in the world for utilizing its coal bed methane (CBM) resources. The Donbas-Dnieper Basin, also known as Donets Basin, is the most important coal mining region in eastern Ukraine, mined since the … Read more
Oil and gas drilling company reviews the new QLX hammer Atlas Copco has introduced a new down-the-hole hammer that will totally change production expectations. The QLX series down-the-hole hammer takes the best attributes of the two most popular hammers used for deeper down-the-hole applications, the Atlas Copco Secoroc TD60 and QL60, and puts them together in a new design. With this introduction, customers will experience … Read more
Colorado company uses Atlas Copco's RD20 to efficiently develop unconventional Coal Bed Methane reserves Coal Bed Methane reserves The Raton Basin stretches from southern Colorado to northern New Mexico, running about 30 miles long and 30 miles wide. Although this coal field has been an energy source for over 100 years and has a colorful history, in recent years the energy has come more from methane gas in the … Read more
Atlas Copco RD20 and XRVS 476 portable air compressor extract coal bed methane in China's Qinshui Basin. Coal bed methane can be used to produce electricity, industrial fuel and residential fuel, and it can be liquefied for automobile fuel. Other uses include the production and synthesis of ammonia, formaldehyde, methanol and carbon black. With so many benefits and the world’s current energy supplies decreasing, the prospect of large-scale development and use of … Read more
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