Deep hole drilling

Large agricultural communities need ground water to grow. One drilling company is doing that with the T3WDH. KLR Ethio Water Well Drilling PLC opened for business in 2005 with the intention of becoming a new player in the water well drilling business in Ethiopia. As KLR’s General Manager Fekadu Debalkie Alemayehu put it, “There’s a lot of opportunity here.” Fekadu said, “We are a country of 80 million people. Of those, 85 … Read more
Stockdale Mine Supply and Keystone Drill Services are names synonymous with drilling in the Eastern United States. With the recent boom in the Marcellus region, the companies are close to new customers while continuing to serve their base of traditional oil and gas, water well, geothermal, coal mining, quarry and construction customers. Barney Stockdale and … Read more
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