An oil and gas company’s challenges are rarely so unique that they have not been experienced by another. Businesses who partner with a global manufacturer like Atlas Copco often discover they have not only found a supportive partner in that manufacturer but have also joined a global resource network.   Poland’s Oil and Gas Exploration Company Krakow, or Nafta Krakow for short has been exploring the country’s vast shale gas resources for about five years now. Recoverable reserves there were estimated by Poland’s Geological Institute in a March 2012 report to be as high as 1.9 trillion cubic meters, which is about the same … Read more
Atlas Copco's RD20 for oil and gas training “Today’s oil and gas drillers care less about cost and more about value,” said Kevin Mallin, an internationally respected consultant in deep hole drilling, during a seminar for Atlas Copco sales and service reps. Mallin selected the words carefully, clearly articulating the bottom line of deep hole drilling businesses: “They want to drill smarter.” The … Read more
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