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Municipal wells in rock call for Dilden Bros. T2W and QL 120 hammer When contractors of large commercial and municipal projects need a helping hand to drill quickly through rock, Dilden Bros. Well Drilling often gets the call. The company’s Atlas Copco Secoroc QL 120 down-the-hole hammer gives Dilden Bros. access to a niche market in the multi-state geography within reach of their Layfayette, Ind., headquarters. Brothers Wayne … Read more
Large agricultural communities need ground water to grow. One drilling company is doing that with the T3WDH. KLR Ethio Water Well Drilling PLC opened for business in 2005 with the intention of becoming a new player in the water well drilling business in Ethiopia. As KLR’s General Manager Fekadu Debalkie Alemayehu put it, “There’s a lot of opportunity here.” Fekadu said, “We are a country of 80 million people. Of those, 85 … Read more
Kale, cover image Founded in 1927 the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC) has affected many lives through its community programs. Its Integrated Water and Sanitation Program brings water to local communities and educates them with proper sanitation processes. This program is funded through the church by donors such as Tearfund UK, Tear NL, Evangelische Entwicklungsdinet (EED), Tearfund Australia … Read more
Dilden Brothers Drilling Company sticks with Atlas Copco T2W   The dense gray dust clouds that rose up from the super single tires drifted little before settling back down on what should have been an Indiana cornfield. The farmer who owned the section reported a 3 bushel per acre yield this year, far from enough to justify the cost of planting it. However, an … Read more
The T3W rig fits the environment and requirements for this northern California driller. Over the years, Greg Peters said he has drilled over 14,000 wells in California’s Sierra Foothills east of Sacramento. The average depth is about 400 feet, but many wells have been in the 1,000-foot range. At one time, his company ran as many as six rigs including four TH60s, a T3W and T4W drill. Today, … Read more
Atlas Copco drilling equipment used for community development. The Panamanian government supports the water needs of its people with two development entities. One is the Institute of Water & Infrastructure (IDAAN). The other is the Ministry of Development (MDA). They both use Atlas Copco drilling equipment to accomplish this goal. Supervising manager for rig maintenance inPanama, Nancy Gaitan, oversees both IDAAN and MDA … Read more
Pennsylvania Drilling Company, Stackhouse & Son, mixes its fleet with a TH60.   Dave Stackhouse, the son in Stackhouse & Son, Inc., has been a T3W user since the mid-90s. Recently Stackhouse broke from tradition, purchasing an Atlas Copco TH60 drill rig to go with his two-year-old T3W. “I’m happy with one of each,” he said. The new rig he purchased has a few different options, giving … Read more
Drilling company owners compare their years of experience with the TH60 and T3W. People can be creatures of habit, so it’s good to occasionally look at all options from a new perspective when making big purchase decisions…and a drill rig is a big purchase. In the spring of 2011, Tier 4 engine regulations will go into effect requiring changes to deck engines that will greatly affect the price … Read more
Texas company focuses on environmental work with the TH60. A water well driller may encounter customers concerned about well contaminants, but nothing like Peterson Drilling and Testing’s customers. The company specializes in drilling environmental wells at contaminated sites. Sites include petroleum production, refining, distribution and industrial and commercial sites. All types of contaminants are encountered on different sites. Peterson Drilling serves clients in Texas, … Read more
The TH60 offers a versatile platform that can be rigged up to meet nearly any drilling method or geological condition. When selecting the options of a rig, it’s best to outfit the rig to meet your drilling environment. Atlas Copco’s TH60 drill rig is a versatile platform that can be rigged up to meet nearly any drilling method or geological condition. Shown here is one example of what Atlas Copco can do to suit a … Read more
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