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Dilden Brothers Drilling Company sticks with Atlas Copco T2W   The dense gray dust clouds that rose up from the super single tires drifted little before settling back down on what should have been an Indiana cornfield. The farmer who owned the section reported a 3 bushel per acre yield this year, far from enough to justify the cost of planting it. However, an … Read more
Fourth generation drilling family diversifies with versatility of Atlas Copco T3W Things are looking up for the drilling market in the Green Bay region of Wisconsin, but Hintzke Well Drilling Inc. of New London soberly recalls how a series of threats these past few years seemed to conspire against them. There was the recession of 2008. Then came the incessant rains and widespread flooding in the … Read more
Atlas Copco distributor adds location: a model for others to follow Venture Drilling Supply is one of Atlas Copco’s largest independent dealers covering six states from three locations in Oklahoma and Texas. It sells everything from geotechnical equipment to waterwell drills. In addition to supporting the drill and blasthole quarry markets, where sister company Venture Drilling Inc. first got its start in 1977, it has growing … Read more
Stockdale Mine Supply and Keystone Drill Services are names synonymous with drilling in the Eastern United States. With the recent boom in the Marcellus region, the companies are close to new customers while continuing to serve their base of traditional oil and gas, water well, geothermal, coal mining, quarry and construction customers. Barney Stockdale and … Read more
Where the water table in the Bahamas is nearly at the surface, the way to evacuate rain water is a simple solution Although the Bahamas are blessed with beautiful water, white and pink sand beaches and an abundance of sunshine, as a tropical island nation the islands do have spots of excessive rain. Land is little more than a meter or two above sea level in the Bahamas. Yet when it rains, water must be absorbed into … Read more
T2W-III Atlas Copco has introduced the new Series III of its T2W waterwell drill rig, the T2W-III. The single-engine rig for rotary and down-the-hole (DTH) drilling in the 30,000 pound class was designed for both air and mud applications, and comes with various on-board air compressor options. The Series III provides a 12 rod capacity in … Read more
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